WELCOME TO MAINETROOPGREETERS.COM  …  the oldest and most widely recognized website and picture portal for the troops who have transited through Bangor, Maine.



WWW.MAINETROOPGREETERS.COM and the picture portal at MAINETROOPGREETERS.SMUGMUG.COM  are dedicated to each of the troops photographed and to their family members and friends. When this group organized we promised that this portal would remain functional to honor each military man and woman on the site and we will make every attempt to honor that promise.



Our work as MAINETROOPGREETERS.COM began in 2003 and the website was published in 2004. The Domestic Non-Profit (DNP) also named was established in 2005 for the purpose of assisting our troops in areas not being served by the local greeters. Some members of MAINETROOPGREETERS.COM were greeting troops beginning in 1991 and had a desire to offer something for family and friends in addition to the handshake and snack being offered to the troops.



The primary focus for members of MAINETROOPGREETERS.COM was taking and publishing transitioning troops' pictures on our picture portal.  MAINETROOPGREETERS.COM also purchased individual 3’ X 5’ embroidered nylon flags for distribution to various units stationed in the Middle East. The Senior NCO presented these flags to individual troops demonstrating outstanding performance of their duties below the level of formal commendations. Currently, troops may request flags by writing to or to the snail mail address below. The flag distribution and care package programs continue.  


Videos of troops arriving at BIA were recorded and edited by a greeter/member of MAINETROOPGREETERS.COM.


We are all volunteers at MAINETROOPGREETERS.COM and are happy to utilize our personal equipment, i.e., cameras, computers, printers, etc., to accomplish our mission. Items purchased through MAINETROOPGREETERS.COM for our troops include American flags, small toy items for troops to distribute to the children in the Middle East, books, school supplies, candy, Christmas/holiday items or other amenities. 100% of  all funds received were used for troop support! These projects WILL continue through the use of our personal funds.


The MAINETROOPGREETERS.COM website published in 2004 was recreated in 2005 when the hosting company discontinued their web hosting software. The current hosting company has also discontinued their software so this website will need to be rebuilt once again in 2014. 



MAINETROOPGREETERS.COM has never sought publicity for the organization nor personal recognition for its members. 

It has always been and will remain all ABOUT THE TROOPS! 


With the downsizing of our military in the Middle East, MAINETROOPGREETERS.COM

no longer accepts donations as of January 1, 2014 and the DNP is in the process of being dissolved. 


MAINETROOPGREETERS.COM is an independent organization and is NOT and never has been affiliated with The Maine Troop Greeter organization which was incorporated in 2008 and is headquartered at Bangor International Airport (BIA).  You may contact them at 



This website is currently under construction, however, the picture portal at


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